FanSy captures each fan’s emotions and sentiments during live events. 

Thanks to several intuitive interaction modes

Voice recognition

Gesture recognition

Tactile interaction

Eyes to livestream synchronisation

FanSy's synchronization modes allows an unprecedented viewers reach.


Spectator synch with cameras through geolocalisation or hotspot on camera.

Public viewing location

Spectator synch through TV with enabled Fansy protocol or connected to a Fansy Dongle. The application detects automatically the streams available and the user is prompted to select intuitively the event he/she is watching.



Spectator synch through TV with enabled Fansy protocol or connected to a Fansy Dongle.

With simple gestures, access familiar functionality,
across multiple viewers, on a single screen.

Fansy synchronization system         offers an intuitive experience
for all spectators during live events.

  • Create a fan community across venues & interact across social circles
  • Share content & highlights
  • Join contests
  • Buy products & Subscribe to Services
  • Bid for items (e.g. NFT)
  • API Integrations
  • Analytics for content engagement
  • Geolocation viewership
  • Target audiences with products & services
  • Strengthened presence on social networks

Concept and technology patented
in the United States of America and the European Union.

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